Field of 68 (3-1-2013)

Here we go, we are now in March and the Big Dance is only three weeks out.  Duke is still a number one seed despite losing to Virginia mainly because I can’t find any other team more deserving at the moment.  Virginia is now in my bracket and I believed they would be weeks ago but have finally built the requisite resume to warrant inclusion, they just need to avoid major slips in their remaining games.

Gonzaga is also a one seed and I do not feel great about that but some of the more deserving teams just haven’t looked like one seeds over the past few weeks.  Teams on the 12 and 13 lines are most vulnerable while everyone above them is looking safe at the moment to glide in on Selection Sunday.

Here’s my updated Field of 68 as of 3-1-2013.

  1. Indiana, Duke, Miami, Gonzaga
  2. Michigan State, Kansas, Georgetown, Michigan
  3. Louisville, Florida, Wisconsin, New Mexico
  4. Marquette, Arizona, Kansas State, Syracuse
  5. Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Saint Louis
  6. San Diego State, Colorado State, Illinois, Butler
  7. VCU, Oklahoma, UNLV, Minnesota
  8. Missouri, Memphis, Notre Dame, Oregon
  9. NC State, Creighton, UCLA, Temple
  10. Belmont, La Salle, Iowa State, North Carolina
  11. Middle Tennessee, La Tech, Iowa State, Wichita State
  12. Cincinnati, Tennessee, California, Virginia, Akron, Villanova
  13. St Mary’s, Bucknell, Baylor, South Dakota State
  14. Niagara, Valparaiso, Stony Brook, SF Austin
  15. Harvard, Davidson, Long Beach State, Florida Gulf Coast
  16. Northeastern, Norfolk State, Montana, Southern, Bryant, Charleston Southern


Last Four In

  • Virginia
  • Villanova
  • St Mary’s
  • Baylor

First Four Out

  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • St Johns
  • Boise State