(GIF) Joakim Noah tries to lock down Chris Paul at the 2013 All Star Game

The 2013 NBA All Star game in Houston had some memorable moments from Kobe swatting LeBron twice, Blake Griffin and his nine dunks, Chris Bosh getting embarrassed during the entire first half http://7citieswitness.com/video-chris-bosh-has-the-worst-all-star-half-ever/ and Kevin Durant going for 30.  With all that the highlight of the night for me was the effort that Joakim Noah played with in the fourth quarter and how it was directed towards MVP Chris Paul.

Noah and CP3 got tangled up on two different occasions with each coming out on top.

Here’s Noah stepping out on CP3 from about 25 feet too far away from the basket and genuinely doing his best to lock him down.  It didn’t work so well.

The first highlight wasn’t so great for Noah so of course he got revenge on CP3 while trying to lead the break for the Eastern Conference.  This move was so Joakim Noah.

I love this from Noah and I’d like to see an All-Star game that was built around players like Noah.  He’s not the first person one would think of when it comes to an All-Star game but he did finish with 8 points and 10 rebounds in only 16 minutes.  I’m guessing he deserved more run.

  • julius hodge’s right nut

    im ok with it. anybody who goes for a nutshot deserves some elbows in the future. would have loved to see him take a mutombo elbow.