(GIF) Victor Oladipo’s ankle seems to be holding up just fine

Hoosier fans were somewhat concerned about their Wooden Award finalist and his availability for the huge game tonight at Michigan State.  Well not only is he just fine, but he’s once again the best player on the floor and possibly the nation.  Dick Vitale is once again going nuts about Oladipo and this time comparing him to Dwyane Wade.  I’ve also heard comparisons to Russell Westbrook, Damien Wilkins and Jason Richardson, Vitale has also compared him to Michael Jordan.

I wouldn’t go that far, he’s an original talent that is constantly doing things to make his team better.  Oladipo fits the mold of what the NBA is becoming and that’s athletic, versatile athletes that aren’t necessarily defined by position.  The Miami Heat won a NBA Title using that concept and will likely win again this season, Oladipo’s versatility will make him a coveted prospect.

Here’s Oladipo showing off his hops and proving his ankle is just fine:

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