Michigan’s Bleed Out Uniform is not for everyone

Michigan Bleed Out

Glenn Robinson III is just about a household name amongst college basketball fans so it’s not necessary for his name to be visible on the back of his “Bleed Out” all maize jersey.  The front of these Adidas jerseys are pretty sweet, the back which I will try and find a pic of is disturbing.  The names and numbers are still on them but you will likely go blind trying to figure out what they say.

Fortunately for me I’ve seen enough of Michigan this season that I know who Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr, Robinson III, Mitch McGary and even Spike Albrecht are so I’m good to go, but if they wore these during the NCAA tournament there will be some pissed off people.  The Wolverines wore these in an earlier game against Ohio State and are wearing them again right now against Michigan State who rarely deviates from their classic jerseys, though they have as well.

Every Michigan player is wearing calf high bright yellow socks and shoes to match, they look like they were spray painted with the same ingredients that make a sharpie highlighter in the locker room.