Philip Rivers still throws like a Girl

Philip Rivers threw four non-masculine interceptions last night and had two fumbles as well in a come from ahead 35-24 embarrassing home loss to Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Never in the history of the NFL has a quarterback had such success throwing like a girl. Although it has taken some time, the league has finally caught on and now Rivers officially sucks.  Rivers stepped into a great situation in San Diego behind Drew Brees and when he took over the roster was stacked for multiple playoff runs and had a bell cow in future Hall of Fame running back LaDanian Tomlinson.

Now that many of those players have cycled through and Norv Turner is running out of plays for his shot put throwing quarterback, they are effectively done as a serious team.  Rivers had his worst season last year with 20 interceptions and now after last night has 9 and is on pace to once again have a career season in a bad way.  The only thing that may save the Chargers is their schedule and the fact that they still play in the AFC West.

The Chargers remaining schedule only contains one team with a winning record and that’s the Ravens who have just lost Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb for the season.   The combined record of the Chargers 10 remaining opponents are 22-34.  With the Chargers still sitting atop of the AFC West and that remaining schedule we may continue to see Rivers with many more opportunities for embarrassing performances like the one above.

It’s getting close to that time for the Chargers to consider a total rebuild and that include Mrs. Philip Rivers.