Running at Mount Trashmore

Mount Trashmore lake with a view of Mount Trashmore in the distance.

I am training for my third Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  Here’s my course preview if you’re interested.  Course Preview

I live in Virginia Beach and my preferred place to get a long run in is at Mount Trashmore.  This lake trail above is about 1.5 miles.  The park is basically a landfill that was transformed into a city park that annually receives over 1 million visitors a year, the most visited park in Virginia’s most populated city.

At the top of the Mountain with a view of the Lake Trail.

The mountain trail measures at 1.3 miles and a trip around the perimeter of the lake and mountain measures near 2 miles.  On the rare occasions where Virginia Beach receives considerable amounts of snow, this spot becomes ideal for sledding.  As you can tell, it is very dangerous with a lake and busy streets surrounding this mountain, therefore the city has outlawed this activity.  It’s still a fun hill to roll down and many people use it for training as well.  It’s rare on an evening not to see some organized group of people taking advantage of the mountain for some sort of training purposes.

In the distance is Town Center and that tall building is the Westin Virginia Beach.  It’s the state’s tallest building and the city’s attempt at creating a down town district which is still in the process of unfolding.  Just prior to that is interstate 264, the main connector between Norfolk and the Oceanfront.  Today was a quiet day on most evening and weekends this parking lot is full.

In the distance here is Kids Cove, a rather large complex of slides and obstacles that my kids love to spend an hour at each time we visit.  There is also a skate park in the distance and a smaller mountain which is part of the 1.95 mountain trail.  I prefer to park my car here in the distance, there are many parking lots, but this one is close to restrooms and water.

Mount Trashmore is a great place to train as there are always alot of people out training themselves and also a great place to bring the family.  I look forward to hopefully many years of long runs here on my way towards many more half marathons.