Terrence Ross wins the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest

I called it and then enjoyed it http://7citieswitness.com/terrence-ross-will-win-the-2013-slam-dunk-contest/ .  Terrence Ross defeated Jeremy Evans in the final round with two 50 level dunks with his final dunk coming over a petrified kid.  It was spectacular.  His other dunk in the final round was a tribute to Vince Carter, while wearing a vintage Carter jersey, Drake was a big fan.

The opening rounds featured plenty of misses from just about everyone.  Gerald Green attempted to dunk the ball twice about 15 times and then completed it after time expired.  James White, the favorite, ran about 3 miles combined during one of his attempt and bombed out.  Eric Bledsoe had one of the nicest dunks of the night but his previous attempt was so low that he did not advance.

Here are some of the dunks from Terrence Ross:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3



gif via @cjzero