Updated NCAA Bracket

Here’s where I will update my bracket on just about a daily basis. Some days there will be a field of 68 and others I will have a complete bracket and more.

I will be creating a final bracket that will be complete in the afternoon in a separate post that will be later graded against everyone else.

Here’s my Field of 68 as of 3-17 3pm Update-Selection Sunday

Field by Seed Lines:

  1. Indiana, Duke, Louisville, Kansas
  2. Gonzaga, Miami, Georgetown, Ohio State
  3. Michigan, Florida, Michigan State, New Mexico
  4. Marquette, Arizona, Kansas State, Saint Louis
  5. Syracuse, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, UNLV
  6. Pittsburgh, Memphis, Butler, VCU
  7. UCLA, Notre Dame, Creighton, North Carolina
  8. Oregon, Colorado State, Missouri, San Diego State
  9. NC State, Iowa State, Minnesota, Illinois
  10. Belmont, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wichita State
  11. Boise State, Cincinnati, Temple, California
  12. Akron, Tennessee, Mississippi, Saint Mary’s, Villanova, Middle Tennessee
  13. Valparaiso, Davidson, South Dakota State, Bucknell
  14. New Mexico State, Northwestern St, Montana, Harvard
  15. Iona, Pacific, Florida Gulf Coast, Albany
  16. James Madison, North Carolina A&T , Western Kentucky, Southern, Long Island, Liberty

Auto Bids: Florida Gulf Coast, Belmont, Harvard, Liberty, Creighton, Iona, Gonzaga, Long Island, James Madison, Western Kentucky, Valparaiso, South Dakota State, Bucknell, Davidson, Memphis, Albany, Southern, North Carolina A&T, Akron, Kansas, New Mexico, Northwestern State, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico State, Louisville, Pacific, Mississippi, Miami, Saint Louis

I’ve got three teams fighting for the final two bubble spots.  La Salle, Mississippi and Saint Mary’s are the teams and I only have room for two.

Last Four In:

  • Middle Tennessee
  • Saint Mary’s
  • Villanova
  • La Salle

First Four Out:

  • Mississippi
  • Virginia
  • Southern Mississippi

Only waiting for Ole Miss.

  • Eric

    Dude…you can’t put at-large bids on the 14 line. That just doesn’t happen. BYU was on the 13 line recently because of the whole not playing on the Sabbath thing, but no at-large has been, nor will ever be, on the 14 line.

    • http://twitter.com/7citieswitness Joe Varela

      BYU was a 14 last year. There is no rule against seeding an at large as a 14 and if you noticed my 14 seeds are Virginia and Villanova and they have worse resume’s than teams from many one bid conferences.

      Also keep in mind this is not my final bracket, I update it everyday and if Virginia or Villanova play their way into the tournament it will be because they got hot and won some big games down the stretch and that would cause them to possibly elevate to a 12 or better. I would expect the last few in to earn their way to a 13 or better but if they don’t we have to find 68 teams regardless and no specific seeds are promised upon BCS affiliation.

  • BbJ

    So, St. Mary’s is out, but Creighton and Harvard are in? You realize
    SMC beat both of them this year, right?

    • http://twitter.com/7citieswitness Joe Varela

      Yes, fully aware. Harvard and Creighton have both earned automatic bids to the dance whereas Saint Mary’s is very much on the bubble.