Video: Ben Brust hits a twisting 40 footer to force overtime against Michigan

Ben Brust hit a corkscrew shot from forty plus feet that elicited yells, screams, shouts and all sorts of things to force overtime at home against Michigan in a game they went on to win.  On the previous play Wisconsin opted out of fouling Michigan on their final possession even though they had fouls to give and the game was tied.  Tim Hardaway Jr hit a deep three with 2 seconds left.

On the next play Michigan opted not to foul Brust with fouls to give and he made them pay.  Wisconsin would go on to finish off the Wolverines in overtime.  It was a weird game that had some Bo Ryan coaching errors including a timeout in the middle of a fast break and of course not fouling at the end of the game.  Hardaway Jr apparently picked up his fifth foul in overtime and remained in the game which nearly went to double overtime on a Trey Burke shot that rimmed out.

Either way Wisconsin gets a huge win as they prepare for their certain NCAA appearance.